How to change the wordpress log in URL

Sep 5, 2017 | WP Tutorial | 0 comments

Currently WordPress powers about 29% of websites through out the world. Because of that, it has become the target of most hackers in the world. One of the easiest form of attack would be through its default login page. Once a website is discovered to a WordPress webiste, a hacker would just typed the default wp-admin or wp-login on the website, the WordPress login screen will appear. A hacker can then begin hacking the website from the default log in page.

One of the best way to protect the login page is to change the default login url to someother url . This can be easily achieved by utilising a FREE WordPress plugin WPS Hide Login plugin .

As usual we need to install the plugin and then activate it as usual.



Once you have activated the plugin, go to the WordPress dashboard, Setting >> General . and browse to the end of the page. You will see, a new section WPS Hide Login . In the box, please enter whatever URL you would now want it to be . In this example, we will type in the URL extension as ‘enter’ .



The new url extension for for the website will now be and you will be brought to the regular admin url .


The default URL extension of wp-admin or wp-login will not work any more.



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