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In the current digital age, knowledge and skill in adapting and embracing the technology is no more a hobby or something to pass the time at nights or during the weekends. Internet technology has become part of our lives  and will certainly be there for years to come. With that in mind IAZ Academy, a division of IAZ Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd, are set up to bridge the knowledge gap to the public and small business. No longer a person has to be a computer geek or spend huge amount of money to equipped one with the knowledge and the skills needed. We have designed our courses with the main objective of providing a simple and cost effective method sufficient in embracing this new technology.

Dato’ Ir Abdul Aziz Abdullah


Dato Ir Abdul Aziz Abdullah, CEO/MD of IAZ Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd. started the training division after realising that the majority of small business and public in general are still hesitant in embracing the new digital technology. His aim with this academy will bring to bring a simple and cost effective solutions and methodology to ensure his students can effectively began to use this digital technology to advance whatever they are doing.

An Electronics and Electrical Engineer by training, his experience in various IT projects with major local and multinational corporation will bring about the necessary knowledge required by his students.


  • Web Design/phP/HTML 80%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • Social Media Marketing 90%

Skill Enhancement

We ensure your time spend with us will enhance present skills that you have. You might also discover a skill inside of you that has always been there.

Knowledge Performance

Your performance in whatever journey in life is made more simpler with the knowledge gained with us. We want to see the success in your journey.

Creative Innovations

Creativity and innovations are what drive us in our journey in life. Let’s together discover these hidden qualities in us.

Cost Effective

The highest return on investment is our aim by providing courses affordable by the masses.

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